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Hi all,
I have come across two sets of downhill skis that I would like to give away. If you or your fishing pal have been wanting to build a Smitty sled but either can't locate or afford skis then this is your chance.
Short set is 69" x 2.5" and the long set is 79" x 2.5"
The bindings have been removed and they are ready to go. I would like to see what the winners come up with so if possible please post some pictures for all to see.
Get your name in for the short set or long set or both by noon on Dec 18th. I will get the name/length entries sorted out and into a hat and draw two winners on the eve of Dec 18th. I'll post the winners and pm them to arrange pickup. I work near Ft Wayne and would be willing to meet up.
Get busy getting the fishing gear ready if you haven't already, old man winter is heading this way.
Take care, Eric

Very good of you zman.  :clap:

Put my name in the hat for the short set, please! Been on the hunt for my 48 Jet Sled for when I have the kids and alllll the gear. Lol

That's a neat thing to do!

Good folks still abound! They are all around us!


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