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This thread got me thinking about giving up my mickey's. I started to check out some of the brands mentioned here. I liked the idea of how warm the Baffin Impact are but I read a review that said the seams leaked. I fish with water and slop on the ice way to often to have boots that leak.

My buddy says Baffin is the way to go..He's had his for three years and loves them.  It's getting me thinking it's about time to trade the Mickeys after the next knee surgery.


Baffin! I got the Control Max 3 years and love them, warmest boots I have ever had! Then I bought their Canada Boot for days when it's not so cold, and hunting or just working outside in the snow.
Great quality boots!

Well I got an early Xmas gift .Went with the korkers 1200 .I canít believe how light they are ,and the quick change out soles which I will get the studded soles when the ice comes .The quick dial lace system is awesum.Canít wait to put them on and wear for ice fishing


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