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Could it be?

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forecast for dec and jan look about the same.  nothing brutally cold with day temps in the 30s.  i know its a long ways away to forecast but thats what they say.  we  mite not get on till jan in this state.

Saw some skim ice on small ponds and channels this morning! Hex

Dog water bucket outside had 2" of ice when I was out working in the yard, this morning.  We are at minimum a month away from even doing spud checks on the local lakes, but it's still nice to see things are moving in that direction.  Let's hope the weathermen can find a nice big cold front sometime in the middle of December to get things moving even faster :)

I've been fishing channels on the Michiana line. the water temps are upper 30's. It won't take much to lock it up. There has already been shore ice.

16 deg in indy last night -  64 deg and rain predicted for Friday.....,

fish on



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