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Good Day Gents,

 Lst night, here in INDY we had a hard frost,and, when I looked out the back window this morning I saw that the birdbath was frozen solid.
Not good for ducks, but just maybe this year will allow me to get out the "Little Poles.

fish on,


Keepin my fingers crossed! The beagle’s water pan had about a quarter of an inch of ice and we had 26 degrees this morning. Hex

I'm just over the border in IL right along the Newton/Benton county line, and we've had hard frosts the last 3 mornings. It was 24° yesterday before sunup, and some of the ditches were frozen over around here until 9am or so. Looks like a warming trend starting tomorrow through next week, though.

Michigan Slim:
OMG, you folks just ain't right! One of my ponds in northern Michigan skimmed over Monday night.

There will definitely be some iced up ditches over the next few days with overnights in the 20s, but it'll be 4-6 weeks before we see anything walkable around here.

Pre Xmas ice is a once in a lifetime event locally. Last time I know of it happening was in the mid-1970s.


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