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Hello all, new to posting but have been reading for years.  I got a question since I lost so many salmon at the hole last season.  I use 6lb floro test and often hook up with fish 10lbs give or take.  I've landed some nice fish when I tire them out or a buddy might gaff them.  Last season many fish came straight to the hole when I knew they still had a lot of fight left, so I start to lift them out and either snap or they go back in.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to pull these guys out when they come straight to the hole(full of energy) with 6lb test and not use the gaff? Don't get me wrong, I love these long battles but have also lost so many fish because I'm so hesitant on bringing up these fish when they are right at the hole, but know they're just gonna smack that head right back down.  Sorry if I confused anybody and any help would be appreciated.  Thanks and can't wait for first ice salmon.   :tipup:

My suggestion is to  up your pound test to 8 or so. It will help you get a little bit of an upper hand but at the same time leave a challenging battle. You could try waiting the fish out or walking opposite of him so that he feels the hook and trys to take off.

first thing... welcome to a great site 2inch. you came to the right place for help :D. now, i would stop trying to lift them out of the hole and just grab them with your hand and lift them out. you could try upping the pound test or maybe try a differant brand. i have tried vanish and yo-zuri hybrid for flouro's and i feel that pound for pound the yo-zuri is stronger. IMHO  8)

welcome to the site! :)
here is what i would do. once you have the fish's head started up into the hole grab them by the mouth and bring them the rest of the way out this way, kind of like lipping a bass. you may want to get a pair of lip grippers/boga grips (on sale right now at cabelas) or those gloves they have at fish307 ( ;D  :thumbsup:)that are waterproof and appear to be very tough to help deal w/ the teeth. i have neither of these currently but will be getting both soon. last season i just used my hand or a pair of pliers if i didn't like the looks of the mouth. good luck and tight lines.

How big is your fishing holes. You might want to get an 8" auger or if you can afford a 10 inch power auger. we wen from a 6 inch hand auger to a 8 inch power auger and the difference in landing fish is tremendous. Way easier to get the bigger fish in with out losing them at the hole.


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