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--- Quote from: Danderson on Jan 03, 2006, 09:55 PM ---o, i thought mass. and conn. were the only states with broodstocks, does vermont or new hampshire have any ???

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  Vermont and New Hampshire haven't gotten any broodstock Salmon in a few years .  I think since 2004 . The Federal Hatchery told me that they don't want them any more because of the  PCB scare  in 2004 . They don't want to contaminate their waters.   The fish are always checked and are PCB free but Vermont and New Hampshire don't want to take the risk.  The other states Ma . RI and  Ct are happy to take the  extra fish.   I heard  Ct and RI aren't going to take fish this year.  Not sure why  I think its late and real cold to go pick them up.


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