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I am from Mass.  and I have never caught a salmon through the ice or open water... Where would you look? I have caught plenty of trout, do the salmon hang out in the same area?  Also I asked someone at my local bait store about the stocked salmon and they told me that they die if they are not caught within a few months after stocking... is this true?

Any info is appreciated.. Thanks!

Have you ever been up to Lake George in NY. Salmon usually hang out 1-10 feet just below the ice all over the lake. They usually cruise all over the ice.  As for the stocked salmon dying, have never heard of that before.

Check out Onota Lake in Pittsfield, they have been stocking it with salmon for a few years now.  Try setting a medium size minnow just underneath the ice ( 5 feet or so).  All the ones I have caught have been just under the ice.  Good Luck.

Thanks for the tips, Lake Onata is HUGE compared to what I normally ice fish.  Last year I was thinking about going there only thing was its size..  I will place a few flags below the ice and see what happens!


I know they stock Lake Cochtuate in Natick,a guy I know got a 8 lber Saturday.I concur that you catch them 1 to 10 ft under the Ice
Good Luck

Gerry :tipup: :tipup:


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