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I was talking to the retired Park mgr from Eagle Creek and he said that it is perfectly legal to ice fish eagle creek he just said that they don't test the ice...(At your own risk)The place where I would like to go is the gravel pit, but they have bubblers in there to keep the ice off...the part that hurts is that it's over the deepest part of the pit...

About that gravel pit... Along with the bubblers, it's spring fed. Iffy ice at best even if you could fish it. I believe that's part of the bird sanctuary complex and I'm afraid that's one place they probably would run you out.  I can't even get my canoe out on it during the summer.  The place has mongo crappie....


This is true..The canoe thing won't work because the rules say no watercraft...but it does not say no ice fishing I am not going to take any big chances but I am sure that if there is ice like there was a few years ago you could make it happen and I agree the crappie in there are HUGE


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