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  Looks like you guys up north are going to get hammered !!  NOAA Weather is calling for 18 inch'es of snow in some areas, and then its going to get cold !!!   ;)
  Just maybe we'll have some good ice real soon !!!
    Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  We're supposed to drive to LaPort for Turkey day. I'm not looking forward to it. If we get a snow fall like they say we might I may be staying home eating a cheese burger for Thanksgiving dinner.
Boiler Up!

Those Guys Get Hammered Every Year :P

ole green moe:
Hey Babbler, take it easy on the cheeseburgers at Thanksgiving you know how spooked you get on thin ice. One too many cheeseburgers and you may go through. ;)

Hey baboiler, as of 5:30 a.m. Laporte time, we have not seen any snow. Windy as heck though. It is in the mid 20's right now and should drop all day!!!!


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