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Lake George Slabs!!!

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Hey Rico, more honey hole crappie!!!!!!!!

The honey hole has it all, it even has snappers and beavers, what more can a man ask for???????  Well maybe beer, but Rico already has that taken care of.

High Tide:
Hello All,
I lived in Hobart most of my life, and fished Lake George 200 days out of the year for 10 years.  The thing is, I never ate any of the fish that came out of the lake (and yes you can catch a ton of monster crappie and blue gills).  For anybody looking to fish lake George it might be a good idea to call the local DNR office in Michigan City to see if there is a limit to the amount of fish you can eat out of Lake George.  Salt Creek flows in Lake George and I believe that is the contributing factor.  Just a thought.  If you need some good spots to fish though on that lake, ice or not, just send me an IM.

Found this on the Indiana DNR site
Don't know if anything is running through lake george?

2005 Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory

IFCA Home | Data and Statistics Home page
Group 5 Waterways

All fish from the following waters are in the Group 5 advisory due to the high levels of contaminants.


    * Clear Creek, Monroe County
    * Salt Creek, Downstream of Clear Creek in Monroe County and Lawrence County
    * Pleasant Run Creek, Lawrence County
    * Elliot Ditch, Tippecanoe County
    * Wea Creek, Tippecanoe County
    * Grand Calumet River/Indiana Harbor Canal, Lake County
    * Kokomo Creek, Howard County from U.S. 31 to Wildcat Creek
    * Wildcat Creek, Downstream of the Waterworks Dam in Kokomo through Howard and Carroll Counties
    * Little Mississinewa River, Randolph County
    * Little Sugar Creek/Walnut Fork, Montgomery County
    * Sugar Creek, Montgomery County (I-74 to SR-32)
    * Stony Creek, Hamilton County

I didnt know salt creek went into lake george ..i thought lake george was fed by deep river..or is deep river fed by lake george...?

Rotney, that is my understanding too, that Deep River is what is damned up to make Lake George in Hobart. Also I don't think the Salt Creek in the list above is that same Salt Creek that is in Lake and Porter County. So I'm not sure from this list that this raises concerns for Lake George.


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