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Look at this fellow hoosiers

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I think I am gonna go stand in a bucket of ice water and shove ice cubes into a blender and them shoot them right back in my face.

 Then just to make sure I am ready for the season I think I might go to Gander, buy an expensive pair of neoprene gloves and immediately stick one of em under the tire well in my truck not to be found til summer. Can you tell I need some ice?

Tell ya what, I need to condition myself a little, cuz it feels cold out there brother..... have to start driving with the windows down, walking outside in the morning in the underware, get the ol' body used to the cold again.... This hot summer and mild fall and made me soft.

Carp You big sissy, you get used to the cold if you plan on falling in any more.

Yes I remember, LOL
Better get used to staying wet too, go get a pnuemonia shot too.

Ya had to go and bring that up didn't ya kid..... I knew there was a reason I was going to go on that diet.... ;) ;D

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRR,that 30 degree water has a tendency to get cold when ya go thru


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