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Chapstick Charlie, I am from Indianapolis.  We usually fish Summit and a couple private ponds in our neighborhood and every once in a while we go up to Klinger Lake in Michigan.


--- Quote from: Da_Roc on Nov 23, 2005, 04:38 PM ---Hey Gang!
  Hey carp no more falling thru and you all be weary of that Bass lake ice.  Me I am going to travel this year. I am going to be on ice in michigan  and get my game on line. I just sent my Marcum to Marcum tech for an upgrade.  Its getting that true color system put in it.  They are doing the entire upgrade for 49 bucks.  Now thats cool!
   I bought some of those ice rods from slick and stick in goshen and I used them vertical fishing for perch this summer.  Those custom rods are incredible and three of them for only $80.00.  Not bad at all!
   Carp if ya want to catch fish and stay dry  message me and Ill show you three of the hottest areas in porter county!  I found two walleye holes that are really cool and one big slab blue gill hole.  The gills average 10 inches and the red ears are 8" and are all thick!!  If Ya like rough fish I know where the GOAT heads are!!
  By the Way if ya want to catch Big Blue gill in the winter at Lake George try the cove edge by the High school It has been a strong producer over the years my log shows.
   50 days of ice 50 days of ice fishing this year!  Thats my new years resolution  for 2006!!!
aka Rocky Martin
 Porter county Indiana

--- End quote ---

Roc,  I will take you up on that offer, if you really exist!!!  I told you before, you have stood me up more times than a bad prom date.  I've attempted to hook up with you for 3 years now, and still have never met you at a fishing hole.  You just  tell me when and where and I'll be there!!

Carp he does exist I have seen The DaRoc.
He even has a cool modified sled too!

Thats right he is mobile as the book Mobile

Come on now, You've actually seen the elusive "Da Roc"!!  I guess I just am not worthy!!  O.K. Roc let's get to fishing!!!    Come on ice... We are getting an artic blast up north here, so if that 50 degree stuff will stay way, we could be on hard water in a couple of weeks!!! ;D


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