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Fishin Bum:
Anyone been fishing at P.C. yet this spring.  I was just wondering if the crappie or walleye and the bass as been hitting yet. 


The crappies are taking off pretty good

Fishin Bum:
Praire creek is located in muncie indiana Angola guy. I fish it all the time and do pretty well.  It is my favorite place to fish in this area.   

I'd stick with the lakes around Angola if I were you.  I like fishing PC because it's close to my home but it's not near the fishery as alot of other lakes in the state.  It is nice not having cottages lining the shores and jet skis zooming by all the time though.

The walleye have been a bit slow but steady.  They are biting but, you need to do your home work. I have been out on the lake 4 times so far.
The perch are doing good now too.


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