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I've heard of people wading praire creek res. in the early spring for eyes.  Was wondering if anyone here has tried it or had any luck at the res. this early in the year.  Pontoon and bass boat are still in storage so I'm stuck in my waders or on bank.  Thanks for the help

Still just a tad to early yet, but dont count them out.

Hey Kid how and when do you do that?  Can you use a fly rod ?

I wouldnt recommend using a fly rod and the wind is usually a factor into the bite. It has to be blowing in to the shore and you would be fighting it trying to cast.

Why would you need to wade out in the water ?.  The walleye will move up shallow enough that you can cast to them. Best to try it after dark. They often move up to 1' or 2' deep.
This time of year, early morning or late evening, cast along the rip rap with a slow retrieve. Small shallow diving crankbaits are the ticket.
Like the Kid said, fish the wind blown shore, bundle up, that wind off the water is very cold.

I was out in the boat 3:00 am easter morning. Used my spot light, seen several glowing eyes right up against the shore line.
I didn't catch anything. I had a bad headache so I only fished one hour, then left.


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