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Met up with John- hoosierbassin at Gene Stratton Porter on Sylvan this am at 6:30 am- Ice still decent when we started fishing - slow at first - started to rain and rained all morning.  I ended up with 26 fish.  I wouldn't go back tomorrow - don't trust the ice.

Great to meet Hoosierbassin and get some last ice fishing in. He is a fishin maniac machine! :thumbsup: Although I might drive up to Clear Lake tomorrow night and take a look and see if there are any guys any heftier than me on the ice ;) Probably have to drive to Michigan to do anymore ice fishin.

And I got that Michigan license now,,lol... Thanks Mark had a great time,,all considering,,lmao...gonna try the open lakes this way this week,,let me know how ya do around tri-state..  John


   Sorry guys but think you will have to wait until next year for Ice fishing. warm temps, strong winds= no ice
   in michigan


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