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Smelt and the chasing salmon?

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Being later in the season now, where do smelt tend spawn to help locate the salmon?

Look for streams coming into the lake. The smelt will start gathering under the ice near these before spawning up the streams.

How shallow or deep would anyone predict salmon could be at this time of year. Would they be tighter to shore possibly. They are such a hard fish to pattern especially this time of year as are most salmonids anyone have any tips.


usually 1-10 ft below the ice in any depth of water.

Well, you have to realize that nobody is consistenly getting landlocks on the King. They should be following the smelt, which are just heading in to think about staging for nightly spawning runs in a month or so. Fishing near streams flowing in is your best bet, but its still not a gamble I would like to take. :-\


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