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emerald shiners are my favorite i'll take them over a smelt any day.

Had a lot of strikes on Rosie Red, and I concur. Snowmobile rs Suck. They have plenty of trails without going through peoples tip-ups. I sure wish my wardens would say somethin when the see it. It's just as bad as someone walking up in the summer and throwing rocks where your fishing! If you read the laws it says "Interfering with the legal taking of fish or game is illegal."

Golden Luther:

--- Quote from: MikeVT on Mar 09, 2005, 10:17 AM ---I have caught a few on icicles this year, set just underneath the ice.  I hope to get a few more if I can keep the snowmobilers away from my tip ups.  Good luck and tight lines.

--- End quote ---
What is it about snowmobiles and tip ups?  I maen you got a whole lake and you gotta scream y the tips.  I don't set up on there main paths but they feel obligated to whizz past me.


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