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What is the best salmon bait to use besides smelt. We can't use smelt on Lake George and I was wondering if there was any other type of minnow that they would hit better than others? Thanks.

I have caught a few on icicles this year, set just underneath the ice.  I hope to get a few more if I can keep the snowmobilers away from my tip ups.  Good luck and tight lines.

I know wha tyou mean about the snowmobilers. they are bad on Lake George this year. The salmon we landed on LG was caught on a tip-up baited with a hunt. Just trying to find the bes alternative to a smelt.  :-\

Look, catching a LandLock on George is not a common occurence anymore. My buddies got three one day, I got none. We wre using hte exact same setup in the same exact spot. After that, we didn't get anymore for the rest of the season. If you still want to fish for these beauties, I would use hunts from 307...or smelt! :whistle:

Emerald shiners work great and cheap!


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