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Long Lake Parking WARNING (VALPO)

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--- Quote from: crappiehunter on Jan 10, 2010, 04:07 PM ---I've wondered about starting some type of Valpo Chain of Lakes Fisherman's Association that might work on these issues. Is there anything like that already? We have a great resource that we are losing. Any interest in something like this? If we work together on it maybe we could improve access.

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   Hey guys ,I can understand your feelings, and I sure don't blame you, 1st lets see how your outing that your talking about works out, then if you have enough fisherman, with the kahonies, be polite and convincing and try to get a dnr officer to join in on your fishing day extravaganza. Then little by little let them know that it's because of your monies that is spent in that particular area that he is even employed there. Let him know your not interested in breaking the law, but that you don't really want to be bullied by law enforcers either. then offer him a brat and a beverage and see what can be worked out.   " GOOD LUCK" 

resident of lake areas:
I just accidentally ran across this post. Firstly, My family harvested from God's abundance to feed the family. As a resident of the Long Lake area, I can understand the frustrations of residents vs public access. I myself have walked 600 N and picked up bags and bags of trash/fishing bait containers, etc. Residents may be more welcoming if visitors would respect the land and lake. Please haul your trash out and place it where it belongs. Thank you.

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