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Long Lake Parking WARNING (VALPO)

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it doesn't matter!If she want to do that she will continue to do so, unless we all stand up to her ,AND WE ALL KNOW IT IS MARY HARPER WHO IS  TO BLAME FOR THIS!!!!!I like the the idea of a petition to park there, WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE THE FINAL   SAY ABOUT OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, this is not her court room, it is our lake!!!!!!! >:( >:(

i just started fishing long lake this year one day signs say between, next day cant, why cant people who see people having a good time enjoying themselves mind thier own biz, if da judge dont like us out there, then she she should move, find a cave a live so the rest of us can enjoy life, impeach her, what she has done is wrong, too bad she is such an unhappy folk

Thanks for the help wit hwhat your doing Rotney! it's very much appreciated, if you need a hand wit hanything ever down the nroad jut let a guy know, be glad to join in on this matter!!!

Good Post Rod. Not sure what we can do. I copied that email off your post and emailed that Jeremy Price.  Maybe we should have a little get together on 600N. Dont we have a right to protest?

I've got a DNR contact that I'm working on. Haven't given up.


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