Author Topic: Use a shower curtain rod!  (Read 2238 times)

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Use a shower curtain rod!
« on: Jan 02, 2004, 12:38 PM »
Dont know how many of you guys have had the clips on your support rods to snap on the portables while setting up in some really cold weather but my buddy had all of his snap last year on his shapell deluxe last year. Niether of us were too happy, jerry riggin didnt work so I came up with the idea of a shower rod. and it works better than factory they are light and compact, the rubber ends grip to the poles like glue though you can modify this to work even better if you wanted plus its cheap.I bought a frabill venture this year and guess what? Same setup!!! well see if they last. Also, the rod could be cut down to size and used as a shelter anchor as well, drill partial hole insert rod and extend. Bam!!
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