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Jericho lake?

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Jericho lake....Does it have a little ice already forming? Caint Wait.

I was woundering the same thing, if it is already skimmed then I will bring my stuff this weekend and fish the shallow beech area in my drysuit. I see ice down here already, I would find it really really hard to believe that jericho wouldnt already have a solid layer on it.


I was thinking the same myself, must be a little bit of ice up there, do any of you guys know of any high elevation ponds I could find some ice on now?

Lake in the Clouds. but if you make it up there to fish God Bless ya.

duck doctor:
I would not venture onto any of the lakes up there yet.  Back Lake in Pittsburg was 1/4 iced over last weekend but it was not safe ice.


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