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I got my Rotary Derby flyer in the mail the other day.
Ready for another try at the BIG PRIZE ;D
But the fun is just getting out with friends and having a good time.
I'm usually in Meredith, or Center Harbor

Home Wood:
Nice!!! What's the big prize this year? I haven't gotten my flyer yet.

First is a 17' Starcraft DC Starfire all set up
Second is a Polaris Hawkeye and trailer
Third is an icefishing package with all the goodies
Can't wait to hit the ice

What is the Dates?????????

Home Wood:
Sweet prizes. I would assume the dates are planned for the second weekend in February. It used to always be the first weekend, but I think they want to give more time for the ice to thicken. So what does the flyer say?


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