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well, i guess i'll have to eat crow.
as a side note, if i see a deer on the side of the road that wasn't there yesterday, i'll stop and wiggle the leg.
if it ain't to old or gut busted bad, they go into the back of my truck.
here in ny the driver has first dibs, the cops will issue a possesion permit to them.any passersby can have the thing if the driver don't want it.
you're not supposed to just pick them up, like i do, (i could get in trouble) ,if i called it in they would probably come out and tag it for me, but it could take awhile.
it used to be you could leave your name and number with the station and they would call you when one got hit in your neighborhood. they probably still do that, i've gotten them that way before.
i'm not above picking up a dead fox to skin, either.
possums and such i'll leave alone.

Sparkyice,,,,,,,,,No need to eat crow whatsoever. You make very valid points and vacuum seal and/or freezer paper is a much better alternative. It's been many years since I have processed my own deer, but when I did, everything went to freezer paper.  All my wild turkeys are still done in paper. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd buy a sealing machine. BTW. My son and I hunt Oswego County every year for spring turkeys and spsnd most of the summer fishing Lake Ontario. You have a beautiful state. Hey nothing wrong with roadkill. ;D ;D ;D ;D


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