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duck doctor:
HEHEHEHE got ya looking!

I spent the afternoon in a tree today.  I can honestly say I was colder tonight than any night last year!  On top of that, I have an interview Friday in Berlin.  Neal better watch out cause I will be the first on Jericho this year!  LOL!

I just got back from riding the Jericho lake atv trails. Hit Success too. Was told Millsfield is pretty good but not well marked. Waiting for a gps before I hit them. Glad we went up last week as the fuel prices are going thru the roof right now.
Unreal, can you tell its an election yr coming up?


duck doctor:
gas went up 13 cents here today. It is $2.99/gal for 87.  My cat won't be reaching the high speeds this year!

big deal  :'( $3.20  :'( for 87 today

3.29 in iron mountain mi in the U.P. today for 87 and in crystal falls 3.34 for 87


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