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Anyone read about the new regs posted on the F & W Website???  Looks like a lot of bait dealers may close up shop.  I dealt with this in New York last year, looks like Vermont is joining in this year.  You cannot trap your own bait, cannot save bait to reuse another day, must have receipt confirming it is tested bait, etc.  Should be an interesting year. 

It ought to be pretty interesting.  With not being able to transport off the ice I'll just have to spend the night in the shanty on Saturday's and keep fishing all night long.  Hopefully that excuse will work with the wife and get some more fishing time in.

This might make me just go with artificials or worms only.  This is a headache I don't need, and a big extra expense.  I would think at least half of the bait dealers will be finished.

They talked about this in Michigan too but for now the DNR has realized that it would have shut down over 90% of the states sport shops. And minnows would have cost at lest 5.00 a doz for crappie size minnows

Wow, this is going to shut down most of the pike anglers in the state.  I read of the VHS kill in St Lawrence River last year, it was huge. VHS is a very real threat to the fish population. I suppose NOT fishing with minnows is better than having thousands of fish die off from VHS. 



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