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Hello All,
I would like to get some bibs and maybe a jacket, looking at Striker primarily and was wondering if any stores(brick & mortar) carried them in stock so I could check out the different styles and sizes.
Will travel to touch and purchase bibs; NH, VT, MA, ME

thank you

hardwater diehard:
Amazon Now has them on line exchanges and returns should be pretty EZPZ . The link may help find a local retailer .

hardwater diehard:

Runnings usually carries them.  I am not sure if they have their Ice Gear Out yet.  They usually only have the preadator bibs which are not as heavy duty as the hardwater bibs, which I recommend.  The Hardwater bibs are the only striker bibs made from 600D material, all the others are 420D.  You may want to buy them any way you can right now.  If you go to the striker site you will see that much of what they carry is only available for preorder which will be fulfilled January 2022 and they are only allocating certain amounts due to supply chain issues.  Unfortunately Amazon might be your best bet.  If you are looking for a jacket I recommend the the climate as it allows you to adjust the layers as needed based on temperature.  I am going on my 7th season with my climate jacket and my 4th season on my hardwater bibs.  I fish every weekend+ ice in to ice out.     

hardwater diehard:
This video has a good explanation of the 3 most popular of the Striker Ice line up Note for the most part only the color of the suits have changed w/ an added pocket or two as well from year to year ..The Trekker is 60g of insulation so its the least warmest ..and the APEX is the newest(2021) and most expensive


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