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Took the first step today


Although I still have plenty of open water fishing ahead, I checked one thing off my to do list for the coming ice season.  My ion auger trigger has been acting up at times and not turning on as it should.  The pause to get it to start up is longer than the built in delay as described by another member.  The issue has been intermittent but annoying.  I ordered a new handle and trigger mechanism from ion last year and decided today was the day. I took a few pictures as I took it apart so I could see how it was put together.  A word of caution the springs inside are very small and can easily pop out so be careful if you need to do this. Turns out one of the internal springs the smaller of the 2 was bent and not making good contact and that was the culprit.  She'all fixed up and ready to go. Felt good to get that done.

If you’re like me, there have been a few times I had wished I had contacted someone who knew what they were doing! Lol
Good job SALMON…it’s always rewarding to DIY with a positive ending.

I took a few pictures and drank a few beers that helped.  I saved the old handle and rebuilt it for a spare, the springs are slightly bent but saved it for parts especially the relay switch

Nice job!

Kudos on a job well done.


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