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Thanks for your advise
Much appreciated


 I have been using a piece of aluminum stock with a hole drilled off center with a caribiner with a length off rope to another caribiner, easy in and out , been using this same rig for over 25 years

When can you bring out bobhouse on lake winni of course pending ice conditions?
Do you have to wait until January 1st or can you set up a day or so earlier?
Thanks in advance

Not certain but I believe you can bring it out 3 days before the seasons tarts


--- Quote from: mowbizz on Aug 31, 2021, 08:28 AM ---I used my 6” Ion auger to drill 4 holes, one at each corner (not too close so you have some room) about 2-3 feet from corners. Use some scrap 2x4s with a half inch hole drilled in the middle and fix a strong rope in the hole. Make a bowline knot in the rope so you have a loop to hook your ratchet strap to.
The rope should belong enough to reach through the ice when you push the 2x4 down into the hole and position it across the bottom of the hole like a brace.
Do this off of each corner then ratchet the house down. Make sure you put the house runners on 2x4 or 4x4 blocks so the runners don’t melt into the ice. A farm jack works great to jack the house up for the blocks. Check your house often as ice conditions change as you may need to add blocks in melting conditions.
As far as the fishing holes under the house…if drilling from inside, you may need an auger extension as the ice thickens (drilling from inside through 3’ of ice)
You may see water pooling under the shack during thaws. This is when you move the house to a new location! Lots of work to maintain a hard side but nothing like the comfort of being out of the elements! Good luck!

--- End quote ---

All of what mow said but also to add to this make sure to clean up your wood.


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