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I have a page on fb nh panfishing and also I have a walleye stocking petition on there if you'd like to see walleye in nh other than the ct river plz help me make it a reality I need to get tons of signatures I'm going to test waters myself and go to the state and fight for a walleye stocking but I need many like minded individuals to join my fight for this if we want to see it happen thank you

 ;D.  Research indicates that walleye introduced  to all of Conn.  River sometime early in the last century.  They probably swam north until the construction of three dams north of McIndoes Vt.  In the 50's.   Large numbers still exist below McIndoes dam. 
Walleye success at Moore would spread south to Comerford, which might be the best habitat?  So , stocking walleye in Moore might bring them back to their ancient waters?  It would also provide a Canadian like pike , walleye, small mouth fishery.
Climate change will make this a bigger success. 
NHFG has to take charge this time!!


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