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I am sure this has been addressed a million times, but do I store my Eskimo with fuel in tank or dry? I only use ethanol free. I ask because my manual says dry, but my tank grommet dried out last time I did that. Eskimo reps were awful to deal with and I ended up buying a grommet kit to fix it. After first summer the grommet shrank. I called Eskimo and was told it was my fault for storing it dry, even though the directions said that. I called a second time and pretended I left it full, was told it was my fault as gas deteriorated it. Called a third time and was told dry was the way to do it but would have to pay for parts as it was over 3 years old as the warranty starts from manufacture and not purchase from the store. Didn't know I was buying a new auger that was over 2 years old.

Which way should I store this thing? Telling me to buy an ion is advice for a future time.
Appreciate any input.

I stored mine dry havenít had issue with grommet.
I do take gas cap off and just put aluminum foil over gas tank inlet.
Temp changes cracked 2 caps over the last few years

I store mine full fuel and have never had a problem. I mix up a fresh tank of fuel with the eskimo oil and run it for a few minutes before putting it away.

hardwater diehard:
Although I dont have the make/model that you have I would recommend storing it wet/full of full and up right as I stored my SM Mag 2000 "dry"(as recommended) and that was a bear to get running ...storing it wet was the way to go as was starting it frequently through the off season . So folks fog it and leave it till next season but I have never done that .


 I have a 10 plus year SM lazer mag , I store it wet with a dose of sea foam , I forgot about it the last 2 seasons  shame on me , pulled it out 3 pulls running like a top ,
 Asked my bud King perch he also forgot about his SM power auger dosed with sea foam with the same results , started right up , 


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