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Well, it's getting to be that time of the hard-water season where everyone starts asking about white perch, especially in St. Albans Bay.
I've nothing to update or inform on this subject and raise my hand to ask that very question: has anyone located white perch schools in the Lake Champlain basin or bays yet?
Would love to get on them...

59 views and no one commenting so far, must be a sign no one is on them yet...

Wondering the same thing Mudchuck. I cant wait to get into them. It should be a good year, considering the lower perch kill last season due to the ice melting off early last year. Thanks for opening the thread up!

I have not caught any numbers of them yet, or heard of any one that has. Soon. 

Light liner:
We caught 4 or 5 off Georgia shore last week between 3 of us.
They were mixed in with the yellows.


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