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You Know You Might Be An Ice Addict When.........

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You stop drinking at night to improve you rod tip reflexes in the AM.

You think that walking a mile through six inches of slush to see three flags pop for the whole day was "Totally Worth It!"

clearing auger holes with bare hands seems a normal affair.

you spend three hours figuring out the weekly weather and how best to sneak in a trip during a storm.

Keep em coming................ .......

ice malitia:
When you get up at 430 to be on the ice for the am feed but getting to work for 7 is a real chore

the bait shop knows when payday is and knows you will be there even before you do.

You keep an auger and jigging rod in your car at all times just in case you pass by a nice looking pond and have a few spare minutes.

Your girlfriend/wife stops asking when you'll be fishing and starts asking when she'll see you again.

You don't think twice about, and don't regret, sticking your arm all the way down a hole trying to grab the big one that got off.

Oz 1:
You tell people it was not too bad out --

~ 4 degrees

Oz 1:
You deer hunt every November so you have -"something to bring out onto the ice"


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