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Well...  as I was getting text's from all my buddies saying they were calling it quits cuz it was to cold and rainy a nice little spike jumped out of the woods into the feild 20 yards from me.  I had just looked to my left to scan that part of the feild and when I turned back there he was....  he just magically appeared,  they always do!  so there I am with my gun facing the wrong way and a hat covering my scope and breach.  and of course instead of feeding away from me he headed straight for me!  He made it to 16 yards stopping and looking RIGHT at me 3 times.  guess I did a good job looking like a stump!  Finaly something behind caught his attention and made him turn his head.  I pushed the hat off and brought my gun up and as I pulled the hammer back he turned and froze with a look of disbelief...  He'd been had!!!  I dropped the hammer and as to be expected at 16 yards he buckled in his tracks.  He was facing me so I had to take a front chest shot.  I put it right between the chest bone and the right shoulder.  Had 1 spike about 3.5in long and the other had recently broken off.  It was a great day!  My buddy took a spike earlier in the morning!  We have been hunting together for many years and we finaly got our first double!  Now that you read my novel here's what you really wanted to see!   Happy hunting!  Sorry its dark.  Ill try to get some better pics soon!


That'll be good eats on the ice

duck doctor:
Good job man! I have yet to see a deer while deer hunting.  ::)  Plenty while moose hunting though.  This time I am guessing 112 and 97 for the weights. It is hard to tell because of the pic.  Let me know how I did this time!

111 and 106!  close again.   Now back to the bow!  and then next week its off to maine!   Heres some better pics!


duck doctor:
Off by 1 and less than 10 on the other...........I just wish I could find one to guess on for myself!

What are you shooting for guns?


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