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Art 53:
Have any of you guys been over to the Alaska forum, there already fishing Oct 16 i think!!! But check out Alaska pictures only there average fish is my lifetime mounter  ART

i hear ya as jealous as can be...but as another member pointed out , when we get on the ice they will be averaging 20 below all the time   :o  and drilling through ice deep as a well  :laugh:  youre right on the fishing though , they sure make it look easy

grass is always greener on th other side of the fence. how is  the fishing on silver lake? I fish the ossippee area quite a bit and always wanted to try that lake

Art 53:
Fishalot The fishing on silver can be slow for Lakers on the bottom but some times just under the ice 10 foot the  BOWS +Lakers are crazy  PS have you ever fished Dan Hole  ART


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