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Has anyone else gone moose hunting latley, I was hunting up in A2 in NH and scored on a 700lb Cow on sunday, shes a biggn for a cow and was 6 1/2. since she was shot on sunday I like to call her the Holey took her off of Magalloway rd. anyone else sucessful? have pics to post but dont know how to post them?

Congrats to you! Lot's o' moose there.....seen 'em

duck doctor:
Well.......I am back from a zone A2 moose hunt. I was succesful as a guide.   5 moose in 3 hours.....all shootable.  1 miss and an unfilled tag.  They had a great time though.  Oh again on Thursday for 4 more days of swamp donkey hunting.

try this for posting pics
wanna see your swamp donkey

Hi onehook real nice cow congrats, i hunted the same area last week and ended the hunt friday morning with a 700# bull who had two cows with him.the only three moose i saw all week.will post pics when i get them.


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