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tips on catching more gills??


i have caught some big gills but a friend of mine his uncle catches way more...and he was only five feet away???i think he was tightlining it, but i dont know how to do that any tips on that, or any other tips on catching more bigger gills???thanks..

Dave Genz claims that tightlining yields more catches than those anglers who use a bobber. Also, he claims that the right jigging presentation also makes a world of difference. I would have to say that the more time that is spent on the ice, the more you can refine your technique, and the sharper you get at figuring the fish out. There are so many variables when it comes to tiggering fish, you must know where to start, and how to approach the situation.

I have sat next to guy's who set there rod down and miss have the action or slight strikes. I think constant pressure on the line and a good jigging routine will yield you way more fish. Big Blue's can suck the bait in there mouth -- and spit it out before you react.

Empty Handed:
I agree with you 100% I had a Underwater Camera LQQKING at some big gills suck in my bait. Once he took in my bait 8 times and the Float never moved ONCE.
I then switched to my VERY OWN springbobber..
Want a NEAT TRICK? Take a BIC LIGHTER, take the cover off, Then take the ROLLER out, remove the Flint, THEN....Take the Spring out, TAPE THE SPRING to the end of the rod, REMEMBER to thread your LINE through 1st, THEN.............Take the end of the Wire, and PULL IT GENTLY..
You'll have the Most Sensitive Spring Bobber FOR FREE!!!!!!

Hope this helps..


It's all in the way you fish  between jigging,  concentration on your line/rod and your reaction time to any movements or change in your rod/line  fishing with my buddy a couple of days ago just 2 ft away a good fisherman like myself  he caught 8 fish and i caught 15 fish  these were crappies though 9-10 1/2"


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