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Okay, I'll start....

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All transom prep complete.template for core and glass work made,from 1/4" hard board, old transom is raised to 30"by layering 2 layers of 1.5 CSM and 3 layers of 1708 over a waxed,  template of plexiglass( protective plastic left on for easy removal), old outer skin reinforced from the inside with 1 layer of 1.5CSM and 2 layers of 1708 after filling the old holes with a mixture of epoxy, chopped strand glass and cabosil,new core bonded together by laminating 3 layers of 1/2"Okoume marine plywood with thickened epoxy thickend with cabosil and wood flour to the consistancy of peanut butter, the bonded side is first covered with a thin coat of neat(unthickened) epoxy, once it is tacky, I spread the thickened epoxy with a 1/4"notched trowel and clamp it together, cleaning any excess epoxy , once cured,the edges are mated and coated with nest epoxy, the inside  of the outer skin on the boat is sanded with 36 grit and chemically  cleaned with acetone,the transoms is bedded in a epoxy ,cabosil and wood flour mixture, I used a calking gun to apply the bedding by filling empty tubes with the mixture,both the outer skin and the transom core get thickened epoxy spread with the notched trowel, the core is clamped  to the outer skin with 5 cauls made for the job, while curing all the fiberglass work, I made a hot box from insulation foam sheets, heated the base and edges with heat lamps and the space with an oil filled electric heater..prior yo fibeglassing,the boat and space was heated with a propane salamander heater..I took the clamps off today,  I have a rock solid transom bonded to the outer skin, next weekend I'll make up and tab in the inner skin, outside cosmetic work will have to be done when lowes are over 50..the worst is behind me, the remaining  repairs and upgrades are straight forward I'm a out 80 to 90 man hours away from completion.

Looks great, Joe! Your standards were high the day I met you, so I am not surprised that you jnocked this one out of the park. I am betting that she will not only be back out there catching cows and lobstahs, but a great landing perch for a pink flamingo as well.  ;) 👏 👏 👏

Rebuilt better than John Dory did it the 1st time... Glad to see good progress so you can start thinking ice fishing lol

Wow, that's beyond me, but I'm gonna assume it's done right! Big job there!

Way to get it done Joe...


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