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its on my mind already

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get everything ready, it will be here soon ;D

dont wanna think too much about it. Going in for shoulder surgery next month so dont know how good Ill be. Sucks after last year never got out and won a full set of traps back in the spring so who knows if Ill be able to test them out.

long range forecast calls for a warmer than normal winter and more than normal snowfall. hope we get a good hard freeze on the eastern side before the snow comes. Last year, we got all rain and 11" of snow with warm temps. 3-4 inches of ice lasted 4 days here. Smelt camps in maine got about a week on the ice

You know you're an Ice shanty junkie when you look at the weather forecast and pray for sub-freezing temps to get here ASAP.

I hit one of my regular ponds this past weekend hoping to make a few casts but it was iced over.


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