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The last day out

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Well its a sad day you bring home the bobhouse, but alas it has to happen. We dragged it out off the boat launch one more time for the day then hauled it home.

A grand day it was. We caught two sweet smallies on totally dead and aged stinky shiners... what does that tell ya? we ate really really well, had some fun with the dogs and took one more ride around the lake... 24 crappy inches...but it was all there... Guys and gals have a great open water season... I'm retiring Friday and will fish more open water like in my youth! Looking forward to it! Thanks for all your great stories, hits and misses... to live vicariously within. All the best


Steve H.:
Nice looking strip steak.  Smalllies not too bad neither.  Sounds like you had a great season.

Wow, Nice last day out there and good looking steak. Enjoy retirement, it's great because everyday is Saturday !

Nice !

Congrats all around!


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