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I had stored all my gear two weeks ago only to break out a couple of jig rods an the Vex for 1 more time out on Friday…
Met up with my buddy and hit a small pond that gets early ice in late Nov and holds on to ice into April…the inlets leading in and out had opened up but we managed to walk along the shore line to make our way out….drilled over 20 holes with about 8” of junk punky ice and under that about 8” of solid good ice…We caught well over 30-40 yellow perch, lots of small large mouth and 1 Lunker
Have a safe and good open water season enjoy the spring a summer….I’m looking forward to hiking the White and getting into some Wild Brookies

A successful way to end the year, nice work !

Sounds like a great last trip Bill.
Enjoy the open water season. Hopefully See you and the others again at FlamingoFest in December .

Way to go Bill.... glad the trip turned out well...

Good luck morphing into Streamfisha  -


Glad to see that you made it out for one last trip. Maybe next year we can get out like the old times.


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