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Great Day on the Ice

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Hit the Berkshire hills yesterday 3/30.
17" of ice although there were 2 gaps about an inch each. So realistically 15" of ice.
Caught three 3lb bass and 8 pickerel biggest at 22" .
Mr Eagle hung out with us most of the day too.
Unfortunately the rain this weekend is probably an ice killer. Doubt it will hurt it much except the top layer will go to deep slush. 
All in all it's been a fantastic season with a bass tally of 106 , 2 being catch and release pins.
I didn't even get to fish any of my local bass holes this year. Next year has to be better, fingers crossed.


I'm glad you were able to make it out one last time.

Sounds like an awesome season. Congrats. Love the Eagle pics too. 'Merica.

Sweet pics. Props for still getting out

nice eagle pic's


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