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Second but last ice session?

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I've been at it pretty hard this season, making the drive up to Winni from the Boston area where I live. It's been a really good season, though it was frustrating having to wait longer than expected for it to get underway. I achieved the one big goal I had set for this season, which was to figure out the white perch and catch some chunky ones. And I got into them good a handful of times. New to ice fishing in North America, It's been a blast trying to figure out a new species. I'm still jigging blind (without the use of electronics other than Navionics), and only use artificial lures (no bait), but my modification of Eurasian Perch jigging for the whites in Winni has worked well.

What may have been the last session of the season, I had some nice action on Winni on Tuesday and counted 10 nice smallies, 14 whites (the biggest at 2.2lb) and 58 yellows through my hole alone. My buddy Mike had a big haul of whites as well in the afternoon (pictured).

Sharing some photos here that will help keep me impatient all summer long.

Nice pics , looks like you are figuring it out quite nicely! :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: fishingidjit on Mar 30, 2023, 03:53 PM ---Nice pics , looks like you are figuring it out quite nicely! :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Well, I don't have prior reference points but yes - the action as been good as far as I can tell. And the freezer is full of whitie fillets :)

nice work! Way to figure it and have a successful season

imagine how well you would do with a flasher, just sayin..


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