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Not trying to bash them or stir the pot. If the thread gets crazy Iíll just delete it. But just curious has anyone been checked this year? Iíve fished two trap and 6 trap lakes. Derby weekend, weekends, weekdays and nothing. Iíve gone out on foot and the machine. Fished popular areas as well. My buddies havenít been checked either. I know it was a crappy ice year and they donít wanna make headlines for the wrong reasons, but Iím a little surprised.

Yes my last trip of this season. I didn't know it was my last trip . Had a really good buzz going no breakfast maybe slurred speech. Lol
Snow was deep had to work hard to get out. He approached via snowmobile
I was a little concerned because I sounded like a drunk ice fisherman.  We chatted for a but and he checked my license. This was in the lakes region.  He was cool and admired all the wp I had on the ice. Off he went no issues.

I welcome the check proud to  provide my license to them.  I like when they stop by.

Global Warming in CT:
I fished on Little Squam (two trap lake) the weekend after the Meredith tournament. F&G checked the number of tipups from the road with binoculars, then came out and checked our licenses. All was well. I have also been checked in prior years by F&G on snowmobiles on Little Squam and Squam. Maybe this year with varying ice conditions they were out less on sleds and/or wheelers?

Probably lack of snow to drive around easily


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