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Persistence Pays off , Twice.

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Twice in a week 2 healthy bass came for a photo shoot before returning home to talk about their above the ice adventure.

I received my first email confirmation of pin #1
Waiting on confirmation of pin #2
However #2 was slightly longer so I am confident on that one.

First one caught on a 5" Goldie.
Second on a 6" fall fish. 

Unfortunately no weight on the first one, batteries died in scale. 2nd one was 5 lbs. First one looked a bit fatter though.

In the double bass photo, bottom was pin #1 , top is #2 (5 lb bass) .

Gonna try for a third soon😁.

Hope everyone is finding some safe ice, it's out there👍 Just be careful and use that chisel (spud) .

Great bunch of bass! 


Nice work!!!! -

Nice, looks like winter there.


--- Quote from: lowaccord66 on Mar 07, 2023, 03:14 PM ---Nice, looks like winter there.

--- End quote ---
Fortunately yes, only about 40 min north too. All set with the 2 hr drives for a little bit. I'll be doing that again soon enough lol.  We lucked out in that last storm. Only a few inches of heavy wet snow and sleet that turned into a couple inches of a white crusty layer.


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