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The legend of the pink flamingo

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This majestic fishing machine that hibernate by summer and fishes in the winter was said to be a product of the lakes of New Hampshire,  others have said it began in Maine, another contingency claim Saginaw bay as its birthplace,  but in the flat lands of Massachusetts,  there a fin - atickle( see what I did there) striper fisherman that claimes the first one was hatched in his wood pile..stay tuned for updates as the investigation continues on the birth and origin  of THE PINK FLAMING.

A rare and dangerous beast indeed... Stay safe my friend, watch your back...

Looking forward to the growth and development on this "fishing machine"....


Possible   remains of the ELUSIVE. PINK FLAMINGO

While cleaning debris off a workbenches what looks like the remains of this fish master may have been found, it appears  to have become deceased while trying to eat a large  rainbow  trout,

More details as I investigate further.

Tease me some more Joe!


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