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Iíll drop my pics and stuff for the 2023 season in this thread.

Took the dog out on the local Hill today, no hunting just a hike.

Earlier this week took the dog out for a hike and to check on local ice conditions at 3 lakes.  The first one pictured below (the quiet lake) with the dog had weak unsafe ice along the shoreline, the water level recently increased about 2 feet from the rain and melt off.  The local stocker lake had 5-6 inches of ice so I went there yesterday and landed 2 small stocked brookies on tip ups with worm egg combo.  My local big lake has been quiet so far this season, I found 4 inches of ice at the boat ramp and I didnít venture too far from shore. 

The bait shop on rt 120 Coleís hasnít opened yet this season or is not opening this season. I might be looking for a new bait shop.

Nice work! Congrats!

Steve H.:
Nice Mike!  Good to see you're getting out there. 

Nice pics, thanks for sharing.


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