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Problems with catching Bluegill.

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I went fishin today and saw several 5-8 inch blugill.  I caught only 3 of several bluegill.  I used a orange size 12 jig at first but changed to a dark purple one cause I think the orange was spooking them.  I used mousies and they would come up close but then turn away, i used wigglers and got three but others wouldn't even stop they just kept swimmin.  I had 2 lb test.  6 feet of water.  I jigged the bait inch-2 inche intervals.  Then when they came close, i lifted it or lowered it to there depth then i either jigged it slowly and lighty or just let it sit still.  What was i doin wrong?

i am guess that you were using a aqua-vu? i would go with a light green or yellow jig with a wax worm. or just try a bunch of things and see what the fish like.

I agree with the green and waxie. We are smokin the gills and crappie with this setup. But I also know what you mean. I had that problem the other day, lots of lookers but no takers. Then I tried every color under the rainbow until green worked. Try everything you have, sooner or later you will find the right setup for their mood. Or you could move to another spot where the fish might be more aggressive. Good luck.

try a 1 1/2" tube skirt jig under the ice, i never thought this would work but after trying it i hooked for good. even when the bite was dead with jigs my buddy was fishing, i was still pulling them in!

we had no aqua view lol we had are faces rite in the hole watching the fish hahaha were to cheap and have no jobs so we cant afford one....


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