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Any info for bluegill fishin.

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I would like any information possible about bluegill fishing.  Much appreciated.  Please instant message me. Thanks ;D.

Light tackle.  Small line either 1 or 2lb test.  Fireline Micro Ice works well just in case you get a bigger crappie to hit.  I buy the 4lb fireline that is actually 1lb test diameter.  Small jigs with a different assortment of colors including glow jigs.  A very light weight graphite rod.  And of course a graph like a Vexilar or Colorpoint so you can bring the jig to the bluegill instead of waiting for one to bite.

I mostly use waxworms but I have tried maggots.  Wax worms work better and are cheaper.

Thanks, is there anything I should know about the time of year in the winter, and what kind of stuff bluegill like to live in.

First and last ice are best as in most ice fishing.  This also happens to be the most dangerous time of year.  Edges of weed in shallow bays are great early on.  Fish close to spawning areas before ice out.  Small baits, slow presentation with minimal jigging.  Tip with a waxie or spike.



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