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Paul of Hbg.:
As far as hanging/tangling up, which rig would be less problematic: spoon with dropper (small jig) below it 1.5"  OR  a spoon on the point with a fly above it?
AND which would likely be more effective?
Opinions please!!

Dave R:
The spoon being the heavier of the two will fall first. So, with the lighter fly above there should be less chance of tangling. I often fish with a jig as my point and a fly on a loop knot above and have not had any issues with tangling.

i use a spoon with a 2in. leader and a small jig, works well and no tangles.

hardwater diehard:
Gota give them what they want more than a 6 inch dropper in general

Dropper is more effective and potential to hang up too.  If you aren't overly aggressive with your jigging, it should never hang up.  Some fish still know how to tie knots onto your line. 


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